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If you live in the Tampa Bay area and are searching for help with your divorce, we can help you while saving you money on legal fees.

We offer many benefits:

  • Flat fee based
  • Save time by filing a (no court divorce) – if applicable
  • Experienced with the paperwork and process
  • Based in Tampa
  • Notarizations are included
  • No hard sales pitch

You have nothing to lose. Submit your questions below and we will contact you ASAP.

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What is the Tampa Bay Divorce Process?

The process depends on several factors, but the most important one is:

Can you sit down with your soon to be ex and discuss the terms and conditions of the divorce?

If the answer is YES

1 – Mutual Agreement Divorce

This is the easiest type of divorce. All it takes is completing the forms, submitting them to court and then obtaining a final judgement. Most of our customers choose our no-court divorce option, which expedites the process.

How long it takes: Typically 30-45 days

If the answer is NO

2 – By Summons

In this scenario we will help you prepare, file and get your spouse served the papers. We will need to wait at least 20 calendar days to request a hearing. If there are properties or minor children at stake then most likely the divorce will be referred to in-house mediation. This type of divorce will take longer and it may require a few court appointments.

A final hearing is required to get the final judgement finalized.

Finally, if the answer is NO because you do not know where he or she lives

How long it takes: We cannot estimate how long it will take because it will depend on the course of action your ex takes

3 – By Publication

This type of process has many different names such as “missing spouse divorce”, “newspaper divorce”, etc. but it’s all the same thing. First the papers are prepared and submitted to the court, then a publication must run in a local news outlet for 30 days.

Once it runs we request the hearing.

In our experience most respondents do not show up at court or submit an answer to the court.

How long it takes: This type of divorce is typically final within 60-90 days

Maybe you have the following questions:

If you have any of these or other questions you should definitely contact us using the form above and we will help you 100% free and with no pressure.

What are the requirements to file for a dissolution of marriage in Tampa?

There are certain qualifications:

  • One of you must have lived in the State of Florida for the last 6 months
  • All documents requiring notarizations must be signed in front of a notary
  • If the process will be in mutual agreement both parties must participate
  • If there are minor children involved then the parents must take a parenting establization course

When there are minor children in the marriage

A dissolution of marriage with children have certain requirements.

  • A visitation (time sharing) schedule must be established with the exception of a divorce by publication of course.
  • Child support must be calculated. Even if both spouses are in agreement with a child support amount a Child Support Guidelines form must still be submitted.
  • In Florida the term “custody” is no longer used. It is assumed that both parents have “shared parental responsibilities” unless doing so it would be detrimental for the children well being.



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