There are a few things you can do to get a cheap divorce in Tampa.

  1. Figure out the process yourself РMost divorces are 90% to 99% paperwork. You can find the divorce paperwork at free of charge, however you will need to know which forms you need and how to complete them. Some courts require specific forms for their county.
  2. Apply for a court filing fee waiver – Many people are not aware that if they have financial difficulties they can apply for a waiver. The form is called Application of Indigent Status. It’s income based and it works in a sliding scale based on the income and family size of the petitioner. The respondent’s income do not count toward the income limit to qualify.
  3. If hiring someone to help you – Go for a flat fee based schedule. Make sure that you get all terms and stipulations up front. Also check references. Sources like Facebook reviews and Google + reviews are great since it will be easy to verify they are real people by clicking on their profiles.
  4. Go Local – If you are hiring someone to assist you with your divorce documents try to hire a local divorce preparer. Unless the person comes personally referred by someone you know, there will be a lesser chance that such person is a scam artist.
  5. Understand your rights – If you have any legal questions make sure you ask an actual licensed attorney. Do not guess and do not ask someone that did not go to law school and went through the whole spiel of getting a license to practice law.

In Conclusion

Hillsborough low cost divorce tipsThere are many ways to save money on your divorce but the most important thing to remember is that you need to be a savvy consumer. Go with your gut. If you feel that you can do it alone, then do it. The Hillsborough County family court sells the packet of empty forms. If you follow the clerk’s instructions you should be able to complete the process yourself.

If you feel that it is too complicated find help with the process however remain smart.


How can I get a cheap divorce in Tampa?