There are three different ways to file for divorce in Tampa

  1. In Person – This is the old fashioned way to file for divorce in Tampa, bring the divorce forms to the desk of the Clerk of Court. This requires finding parking, taking time off from work, making a long line and pray and hope that the forms were done correctly and that you have everything they require to start the process.
  2. Online РThe State of Florida has a cool basically new website where they allow divorces to be filed online. The same requirements but the cover sheet which is automatically generated by the system. The process is pretty much the same when it comes to filling out the forms but a little more technical knowledge is needed. First you need to register on, then select the correct county, courthouse and process.  Once the forms are  completed they must be scanned and filed as separate files ex: petition, social security notice, financial affidavit, etc. If paying the court filing fee an additional fee of $3 must be added.
  3. No-Court Divorce – Another way is to file a no-court divorce. This is our specialty! We use the online court filing process and get the court final hearing waived. Our clients receive their final judgement in the mail within 30-45 days of filing. While none of the counties surrounding Tampa Bay offer this option we work with another county that does and to anyone living anywhere in the State of Florida. Contact us using the form below for more information on this exciting option.

How do I file for divorce in Tampa

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In Conclusion – File for Divorce in Tampa the easy or hard way?

The easy way – find someone to help you, being a document preparer or a divorce attorney

The hard way – Try to figure out the process yourself

The easiest way – Find out if you qualify for a no-court divorce by completing the form above


Disclaimer – We are not attorneys and nothing on this website is to be considered legal advice. To find out about your legal rights contact an attorney.

How do I file for divorce in Tampa?