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Need a hassle free quick divorce in Tampa?

Most people believe that filing for a dissolution of marriage is messy, takes a long time and it’s complicated. While this can be true how complicated the process is and how long it will takes depends on the disposition of both parties.

The quickest divorce is one that both parties are IN MUTUAL AGREEMENT

If this is the case then a final judgement can be obtained in less than 45 days without attending a court hearing.

The Three Step Process is as follows:

  1. Complete the forms
  2. File the forms
  3. Wait for the final judgement (US mail delivery)

It could not be simpler than that!

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Quick Tampa Divorce

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Does it matter if we have kids?

A dissolution of marriage with children can still be a quick divorce in Tampa as long as both parents are in mutual agreement and understand that a parenting plan must be included and child support must be calculated and the parenting estabilization course is taken by both parents. The paperwork is more intense and it’s a lot more complicated but we have the experience to make it happen for you quickly, affordably and professionally.

What is the court filing fee?

The court filing fee is $408 plus $3 online processing fee however at least 75% of our clients qualify to have the court filing fee waived based on low or no income. Ask us above and we will be happy to explain.

What if he/she changes their mind?

If you have hired us to prepare a quick mutual agreement divorce but your ex changes their mind you do not need to worry about losing your money. Our work is 100% guaranteed and we will change the paperwork to a divorce by summons at no additional charge.

Are you local?

Yes we are based in the Tampa Bay area. While most of our process is done online we are happy to meet with our clients and notarize our clients paperwork as part of our fee. A quick divorce in Tampa is absolutely possible, affordable and stress free.

Why Should I Choose You?

Easy – see our testimonials 🙂

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