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If you want to file for divorce but are afraid of the legal fees, you are not alone.

Every day people file for the dissolution of marriage in Tampa.

Some of them with attorneys and some of them without. It does not take a genius to know who spent the most money and who saved money.

In the end, they were all divorced and moving on with their lives.

Per an article in Legal Zoom, most divorce attorneys in Tampa charge from $75 an hour and up, some large law firms charge up to $450 an hour.

Some estimates indicate that a divorce trial can cost $25,000.00 in average.

Do you have that kind of money?

Did you know that Madonna’s and Guy Richie’s divorce was settled for $75 million?

While most divorces will not reach this level of complexity chances are that your divorce may be able to be settled with much less money and drama.

Who needs a divorce attorney?

Not all divorces need to be handled by a divorce attorney. The following is an example of divorces that may not need to be handled by a lawyer:

  • A simple divorce were no joint assets, bills or children exist.
  • A divorce where both are in mutual agreement.
  • Where both parents are separated however they have done everything possible to keep things amicable for the sake of their children.
  • The whereabouts of the other person is unknown.
  • The other party is in jail.

In these cases the divorce process is 99% paper and 1% spent in front of a judge. Most attorneys do not do the paperwork themselves but hire paralegals or document preparers to handle the tedious task.

You can do the same

Talk to a document preparer today and see if you can save money and if you qualify for a court filing fee waiver (a potential savings of $400)


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